Take Action for Resistance Summer: Week 2

Submitted by egreene on July 25, 2017

Earlier this summer, MoveOn.org launched the Resistance Summer, which was created to mobilize people around action and create tangible victories for environmental and social movements. We’re joining in with our Eight Weeks of Action series.

We want to harness the energy that people have for resistance this summer. Each week, we’ll give you seven actions you can take towards combating hate, protecting the environment, supporting green businesses, and holding corporations responsible. Some of these actions will be harder or more time consuming than others, but we think if you’re able to take action every day, or even a few days a week, you’ll know you’ve made an impact.

We’re moving forward, with or without Washington. Will you join us?

If you missed last week's steps, it's not too late to do them. Start with week 1 or join in here.

Day 1: Find out who your state rep and senators are.  Save their emails and phone numbers on your phone, fridge, or desk for future reference. When you hear about legislation at the state level that you either support or oppose, make sure to contact them (they do not receive as many calls as national elected officials, so your outreach really counts!) 

Day 2Sign a petition: Genetically engineered (GE) apples—the Arctic Apple— are being released in grocery stores without labels, but the company behind them, Intrexon, won’t tell us where. The GE apple was created using an experimental, unregulated technique called RNA interference. Many scientists are concerned that this process may have negative unintended impacts on human health and the environment. We do not need more risky and dangerous technologies in our food!  

Day 3: Find an ally with whom you can share goals, and perhaps even do them together. This can be a like-minded friend from your neighborhood, workplace, house of worship, or from an online community. Make a plan to meet up or talk regularly, like once a month. 

Day 4: Skip the Starbucks line. Find a local coffee shop that offers fair trade, organic coffee and organic milk. (Learn why organic milk is important.)  

Day 5: Browse the Not in Our Town website to find over 100 films to spark dialogue, 50 school films with accompanying lesson plans and activity guides, sample materials from towns that have stood up to hate, tips for addressing hate on college campuses, and resources for starting a school anti-bullying campaign or community group to combat hate.  

Day 6: The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement endures a lot of scorn and misinformation. Do your part to spread their message of equality, not hate. If BLM holds a march or vigil in your area, support it by inviting friends and attending. 

Day 7: Talk to your employer about adding socially responsible options to their 401(k) offerings. You and your fellow employees put your retirement savings to work pushing for meaningful change in corporate America’s social environmental responsibility.

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