Take Action for Resistance Summer: Week 6

Submitted by egreene on August 22, 2017

Earlier this summer, MoveOn.org launched the Resistance Summer, which was created to mobilize people around action and create tangible victories for environmental and social movements. We’re joining in with our Eight Weeks of Action series.

We want to harness the energy that people have for resistance this summer. Each week, we’ll give you seven actions you can take towards combating hate, protecting the environment, supporting green businesses, and holding corporations responsible. Some of these actions will be harder or more time consuming than others, but we think if you’re able to take action every day, or even a few days a week, you’ll know you’ve made an impact.

We’re moving forward, with or without Washington. Will you join us?

Last week's steps were all about stopping hate in the wake of the Charlottesville riots. Start with those, with a past week: Week 1week 2, week 3, week 4, or join in today!

Day 1: Many mega-banks are involved with projects and practices that may not support your values such as funding pipelines, private prisons, and ripping off customers. Get started breaking up with your bank in these 10 steps.   

Day 2Sign a petition: Smithsonian Institution is a leader in environmental education but gets a failing grade for refusing to use any recycled paper in Smithsonian Magazine. As an institution which claims to advance sustainability, incorporating recycled paper into its magazine would be a logical step. Join us in calling on Smithsonian to practice what it prints and move to recycled content paper! 

Day 3: Support local farmers and reduce your carbon footprint. Shop at a farmers’ market this week. 

Day 4: If you’re a business owner, hang a “Hate Has No Business Here” poster in your store or office to show that everyone is welcome. Download free at the Main Street Alliance website. 

Day 5: Find creative ways to inspire young people to join the conversation. For example, Atlanta’s Museum of Design is conducting The Lemonade Project, “a 12-month series of conversations centered around Beyonce’s visual album, Lemonade, and the themes of race, gender, and class it addresses.”   

Day 6: If you haven’t already, switch your electricity bill to 100% clean energy. Switching is fast and easy, and your utility will remain the same. Plus you’ll be helping Green America’s work too! 

Day 7: If your community experiences hate-induced vandalism, grab your cleaning supplies and pressure washers, and help clean it up.   

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