Take Action for Resistance Summer: Week 7

Submitted by egreene on August 30, 2017

Earlier this summer, MoveOn.org launched the Resistance Summer, which was created to mobilize people around action and create tangible victories for environmental and social movements. We’re joining in with our Eight Weeks of Action series.

We want to harness the energy that people have for resistance this summer. Each week, we’ll give you seven actions you can take towards combating hate, protecting the environment, supporting green businesses, and holding corporations responsible. Some of these actions will be harder or more time consuming than others, but we think if you’re able to take action every day, or even a few days a week, you’ll know you’ve made an impact.

We’re moving forward, with or without Washington. Will you join us?

Start from the beginning or join in today!

Day 1: Give what you can. Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard this week, and is still active. Like most environmental disasters, this storm hit people in poor, low-lying communities the worst, and it will take the longest for them to rebuild their lives. Give what you can. Here's a list of organizations if you're not sure where to give.

Day 2: Sign a petition: The telecommunications industry contributes 2.5 percent of our global greenhouse gas emissions, comparable to the entire aviation industry. AT&T and Verizon have made declarations supporting sustainability, but renewable energy accounts for less than 2 percent of AT&T and Verizon’s energy portfolio, and a lot of those “renewables” are fuel cells powered by natural gas. We rely on these companies’ networks to bring people together, to share ideas and news. We shouldn't have to compromise the planet to stay connected and informed. Join us in calling on AT&T and Verizon to hang up on fossil fuels and become leaders for sustainability.

Day 3: Find one thing you were thinking to buy that you could borrow from or share with someone instead, like a blow dryer with a roommate or lawn mower with a neighbor. 

Day 4: Walk or bike somewhere in town you usually drive to. Like it? Keep doing it! 

Day 5: Go green for back to school! If you know someone who's starting or going back to college this semester, show them this article of the top 10 ways to green your college experience. As part of the Better Paper Project's 1 Million Trees Campaign, we're asking colleges to go green too by switching to recycled paper for alumni magazines.

Day 6Add diversity to your workplace by starting a conversation about reaching out to communities of color and LGBTQ groups next time you have a job opening. Foster a multicultural, inclusive workplace by posting on job boards at different local organizations that cater to people of color, LGBTQ folks, and differently abled people. Make sure your job listings and website explicitly welcome diverse applicants.

Day 7: Enjoy nature! Visit a national or state park and pay the entrance fee to support its upkeep.  

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