Tell Chase to Stop Profiting Off Dirty Energy and Rights Abuses

Submitted by skarimi on January 30, 2020

Leaders in the finance sector are making some important changes for the climate, but JPMorgan Chase – the biggest funder of fossil fuels - remains a laggard. With the climate crisis worsening and no more time to delay, we need you to push the largest financer of the climate crisis to take action today.

We’ve seen some recent progress by other leading financial institutions:

In December, the investment bank Goldman Sachs announced significant new restrictions on its financing of fossil fuels. These include halting financing for coal plants globally, both existing and new plants, as well as halting financing for oil exploration and development in the Arctic.

In January, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management firm, announced that it will start moving away from fossil fuels. Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO stated that climate change is prompting a “fundamental reshaping of finance” that markets have been slow to act upon.

These are important steps -- and of course, more is needed.

More is needed especially from Chase Bank – the global leader in financing the climate crisis. Chase has pumped $196 billion into fossil fuels since the signing of the Paris Accords.  This is unacceptable.

Can you call JPMorgan Chase and ask when the bank will halt financing of fossil fuels?

Dial: 212-270-1111

Sample Script:

I'm calling because Goldman Sachs recently passed a new policy banning financing of coal mining and Arctic drilling. I urge JPMorgan Chase to exceed the Goldman Sachs policy. Will JPMorgan Chase phase out fossil fuels? It is crucial that Chase, the largest funder of the climate crisis, stop financing fossil fuels now.

This is an important time to put as much pressure as possible on Chase .In response to the Goldman policy, a spokesman for JPMorgan Chase wrote: “A significant amount of work is underway to further build upon our efforts on climate-related risk and opportunity and we look forward to sharing more in the coming year.”

Now is the time to put pressure on JPMorgan Chase!

Yes, I called

Thank you for joining us in making your call today!


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