Tim Cook, Are You Listening?

Submitted by aatkins on March 20, 2014

ImageSince the launch of our Bad Apple: End Smartphone Sweatshops campaign last week we’ve received a huge response from consumers and media outlets all around the world!

In the first twenty-four hours, more than twelve thousand consumers signed our petition and sent a message to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, asking him to protect workers in Chinese electronics factories by removing the most harmful chemicals from the production processes.

The campaign was also covered in more than 300 news stories on the radio, TV, the internet and in print. The world is watching to see what Apple does next, so we are now asking: Tim Cook, are you listening?

In the statement Apple shared with media last week the company pointed out how it has led the industry in the past in removing other toxic chemicals from its products. Our campaign is calling on Apple to once again lead the industry and remove harmful chemicals from not only its products, but also the manufacturing processes, to ensure workers are not endangered while making iPhones.

Sign our petition to Tim Cook today>>

Even if you have already signed you can send another message and add “Are You Listening?” to the subject field of the petition.

Here are just a few articles in which the Bad Apple campaign was featured:

  • The Guardian: Apple urged to stop using harmful chemicals in its factories
  • Huffington Post: Factory Workers May Be Getting Sick From Chemicals Used To Make Your iPhone
  • Salon: Apple urged to stop using toxic chemicals in its factories, Tim Cook’s chance to prove that he wants to make the world a better place
  • The Telegraph UK: Cancer and nerve damage: is this the human cost of an iPhone?

Filmmaker Heather White also authored a great piece in the Huffington Post! Her film, Who Pays the Price?, is a powerful ten-minute expose on the lives of the young workers working in electronics factories.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be keeping the pressure on Apple. Please join us by following us on Facebook and sharing our updates and actions with your friends.

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