What's Next for GMO Inside?

Submitted by ameyer on May 7, 2018

Since 2013, GMO Inside, a campaign powered by Green America, has been working to educate consumers about the impacts of GMOs, pesticides, and industrial agriculture and push major brands to transition their supply chains away from GMOs and towards more sustainable systems of production. 

Thanks to the diligence of over 250,000 consumers like you, we have been able to push numerous companies to transition products to non-GMO, release more organic and non-GMO Project verified products, and build greater awareness around the problems with our current system of conventional agriculture.   

Together we have pushed:

  • General Mills to remove GMOs from original Cheerios 
  • Gerber, Enfamil, and Similac to release non-GMO infant formula 
  • Hershey’s to commit to removing GMOs from its flagship products (Kisses and Milk Bars)
  • ConAgra, Mars, Kellogg’s, and General Mills to publicly support non-GMO labeling
  • Sabra to transition its entire hummus line to non-GMO 
  • Mars to remove GMOs from one of its pet food lines 
  • Smuckers’ Uncrustables to go non-GMO 
  • Chobani to commit to exploring non-GMO yogurt 
  • Bumble Bee to release non-GMO verified tuna 
  • Hellman’s to offer non-GMO mayonnaise 
  • And so much more!!!! 


None of this would have been possible without the voice and hard work of consumers like you!

After years of fighting against the food system we do not want, we are shifting our work to focus on building up the food system that we need.

Green America is taking a more holistic approach when it comes to our work on food and expanding our work beyond GMOs to push for an agriculture system that mitigates climate change rather than contributes to it, that fosters high levels of animal welfare, and focuses on the well-being of the people who grow our food. Moving away from non-GMOs, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers is a huge step in the right direction, but it isn’t enough to fix our broken agricultural system and undue the harm caused by years of highly intensive chemical dependent farming.

GMO Inside has always been a part of Green America and now we are making that more official. Our GMO Inside social media channels and email updates will be merging with our Green America channels, and we so hope you come along with us. So, keep an eye out on social media to follow along.

We need YOUR voice more than ever. We are building a movement of consumers who are demanding a shift in not only how we farm but the very way that we look at food and agriculture. In order to create wide spread monumental change, we need YOU.

So, what’s next? 

It’s actually already begun, and we are only getting started! In 2017, we launched our Re(store) It! campaign dedicated to pushing for a more regenerative agriculture system. In April, we launched Climate Victory Gardens, a call for consumers to take the fight for a more sustainable agriculture system to their own yards and communities. And there is so much more in store. 

We hope you will join us as we take our food work to the next level and create the agricultural system we need to ensure that our children and grandchildren will have safe and healthy foods that nourish the planet as well.


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