Youth Activist Teaching Community About GMOs

Submitted by GMO Inside on May 21, 2013


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One Green Business Network member, Liz Schmidt of Organic and Healthy, Inc. recently contacted Green America and GMO Inside to share what one extraordinary member of her family has been doing to educate their community about GMOs.

In the following video, Liz’s 10 year old daughter Alexa is presenting about GMOs to her local 4-H club. Alexa’s presentation is a fantastic overview of what a GMO is, what the major issues with GMOs are, and what consumers can do to take action against GMOs.


Alexa’s presentation was such as success that she was awarded a purple ribbon by the 4-H club and she has been asked to give her presentation again at upcoming events. She joins fellow anti-GMO girl activist, Alicia Serato, who called on the Girl Scouts to remove GM ingredients earlier this year. Read our interview with Alica here.

On Saturday, May 25 Alexa will be at the March Against Monsanto in Medford, Oregon and will be giving an encore presentation of her award winning speech.

Alexa has shown great initiative in taking action to educate and help members of her community deal with GMOs. GMO Inside proudly supports Alexa’s efforts and is looking forward to more from this special activist.

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