Announcing the Launch of Our Latest Membership Benefit

Submitted by greenamerica on September 20, 2010

The Green America Exchange (GAEx) is a unique online marketplace where trades are made using a complementary currency instead of cash.  By turning un-sold goods, un-booked appointments and under-utilized space into transferable, digital "Trade Dollars," GAEx provides all of the benefits of direct barter, but retains the flexibility of money.

Using GAEx Trade Dollars to pay for variable expenses such as advertising, graphic design or web development makes it easier for you to cover fixed expenses using the national currency.  Also, because businesses are trading resources they already have, the Exchange facilitates sales that wouldn’t have otherwise happened in our cash-strapped economy.

SIGN UP and START TRADING: GAEx can help you increase sales, gain (and retain) new customers, conserve cash, support fellow green businesses, and purchase the products and services you need all in the same place—and all without spending a dime.

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