Break Through the Barriers of Small Business Financing

Submitted by greenamerica on December 7, 2011


How to access financing for your small business.

If you’ve ever struggled to secure the capital necessary to fulfill orders, buy equipment or make payroll, you know that cash flow remains a perpetual challenge. How can your business find financing? Financing expert Hadassah Hickman will introduce you to New Equity Business (NEB), the nation’s premier site for entrepreneurs to find and access small business financing products, learn about important news and information, and connect to qualified financing specialists.


NEB hosts a free, searchable database of over 1500 public and private financing products from over 420 funders, lenders, and investors. During the webinar, Haddasah explores alternative and creative financing options, including peer to peer lending, crowdfunding, and friends and family.

About Hadassah Hickman

Hadassah Hickman is Vice President for New Equity Business, the nation’s premier site for entrepreneurs to find and access small business financing products. Over the last decade, she has worked with startups, growth stage firms, and nonprofits in business planning, forecasting, and capital raising. Prior to joining NEB, she founded Sitar Capital Group, where she helped to build profitable companies in a range of industries and raised more than $22 million dollars in financing for small businesses.

Hadassah has worked for the Women’s Self-Employment Project (WSEP) as portfolio manager and loan officer for the organization’s micro loan fund.  In this role she analyzed the viability and financial needs of small businesses, and provided technical assistance in pro forma projecting, budget planning, sales forecasting, and cost analysis.  She began her career in commercial lending at Seaway National Bank. She is a published author and holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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