Creating an Economy that Works For All

Submitted by greenamerica on March 17, 2010

Since 1982, Green America has led people-powered economic strategies to address the most pressing social and environmental issues of our times. Here are just a few of the highlights of what Green America has accomplished in 2009:

  • Together we took the lead in stopping six more new coal-fired power plants.
  • Together we proposed to the Obama Administration new ways to raise trillions of dollars to finance a clean energy future—one that curbs climate change, provides thousands of new jobs, and rebuilds our economy.
  • Together we introduced Fair Trade to over 250,000 families—with our Halloween ‘Reverse Trick-or-Treat’ campaign.
  • Together we released a powerful series of system-changing reports for policymakers and industry leaders to make real long-term changes towards sustainability—in the airline, paper, finance, and clean-tech industries.
  • Together we’ve provided millions of Americans with the resources and information to go green and protect those hardest hit by the economic crisis, to invest in local communities, and to leave no green business behind.

Together, we’re tackling climate change, building fair trading systems, stopping corporate abuse, and growing the green economy. Go to the Green America website for the full Annual Report »

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