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Submitted by greenamerica on October 22, 2015


A recent study by the Shelton Group shows that green is making the shift into standard expectations. A majority of consumers see green as good business for any business. Carolyn Parrs of Mind Over Markets shared this analysis of the report:

Back in 2013, The Santa Fe Reporter interviewed me and at the very end I was asked “any final wisdom”? My last words were, “My hope is that someday, we don’t even have to use the word “green”—it’s just the way it is.”


It’s been 12 years now that my company, Mind Over Markets, has been dedicated to helping green and socially-focused companies, organizations and entrepreneurs take their products and services to the next level. It’s what we believe in, what we are passionate about. When we put that stake in the ground way back when, we never looked back. Even though back then “green” was a word used with caution in marketing because of its treehugger status and sometimes political connotations.


Well, those days are gone.


This week, the Shelton Group released a study on the effectiveness of eco buzzwords like “green”, “eco-friendly”, “sustainable”, “recyclable”, “renewable”, “low carbon footprint” and more. The results happily report that green has gone from “niche appeal to baseline expectation.”


What this really means is green is for every business, not just green business. 


Green is quickly and steadily becoming “just the way it is” like I hoped it would. So what is your business or organization doing to be desirable, relevant and useful in your competitive environment? Did you get your green on? And if you did, how meaningfully different are you? What story are you telling so you are really heard?

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Carolyn Parrs is the CEO and founder of Mind Over Markets, a dedicated green and socially-focused marketing communications and design company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For over a decade, she has helped emerging and established businesses and organizations excel in the green and health/wellness fields.

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