Historic Milestone in Fair Trade Certified Coffee Imports

Submitted by greenamerica on May 14, 2014


One billion pounds of fair trade certified coffee!?

Congratulations, and thanks, are in order for Fair Trade USA.


Recently, the organization announced that since being founded in 1998, it has certified a total of one billion pounds of coffee! An article on their website reports that this tremendous landmark has been reached by the sustainable sourcing practices of nearly 500 companies.  To date, Fair Trade USA has helped coffee farmers and workers collectively earn almost $124 million, with $30.8 million in 2013 alone.

Jennifer Gallegos, Director of Coffee Business Development at Fair Trade USA said, “We’re proud of this achievement, but also know that coffee producers and business still face many challenges that can’t be solved by any one organization alone. As we work toward the next billion, our focus will be on collaboration and innovation to create greater shared value for all.”

Following this success, Fair Trade USA is unveiling several new initiatives to promote the welfare of coffee growers for generations to come. These initiatives include improving supply chain visibility, minimizing risk by helping farmers understand the market, and collaborating with other organizations and programs to increase impact and efficiency.

Learn more by visiting Fair Trade USA’s site here.

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