WEBINAR: Responsible Retirement Planning for Small Business

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If you’ve been meaning to set up a retirement plan for your employees or yourself, now is the time to do it in a way that reflects your business’ commitment to people and the planet.

Your investments CAN reflect your values. Join this webinar to learn how! Whether you are interested in avoiding investment in fossil fuels and weapons, or in seeking investment in companies that advance women’s leadership and community development, there are investment products and tools to help you invest with your values.

Our presenters will:

  • Explain how to get the answers you need to set up a green retirement plan;
  • Describe how many of the “greenest” mutual funds address social, environmental, and corporate governance issues;
  • Clarify the role that an investment advisor can play; and
  • Demonstrate how to know whether your investment choices match your values.

Meet our presenters:

Andrew Behar Fran Teplitz Sylvia Panek Rob Thomas

Andrew Behar
As You Sow

Fran Teplitz
Executive Co-Director
Green America
Sylvia Panek
Financial Advisor
Natural Investments, LLC
Rob Thomas


The information on this page and in this webinar does not constitute investment advice. Green America assumes no legal or financial responsibility for the practices, products, or services of any investment firm. Please read all materials, including the prospectus, carefully before investing.