Architects & Builders/Construction

Architects and Builders/Construction | Credit: Barn Images on Unsplash

Includes architects; electricians; construction firms; insulation; siding; windows; building materials

Restored & Protected Environment


  • Enables maximum water and energy savings through design, materials, and technology.

  • Use of reclaimed/recycled materials whenever possible.

  • Wood materials are reclaimed, recycled, or FSC certified or equivalent.


  • Experience in doing LEED certified construction or equivalent; or employee with accreditation as LEED certified professional.

  • Incorporation of on-site clean energy whenever possible.

Social & Economic Justice


  • Responsible procurement policy or practices regarding fair labor practices.

  • Less-toxic materials: low- or no-VOC paints, varnishes, cleaners, and adhesives; no vinyl plastic used whatsoever.


  • Projects serving low to moderate income communities.

  • Accessibility for all people is an integral part of the design process.