Landscaping, Gardening & Farming Services

Landscaping, Gardening & Farming Services | Credit: Elaine Casap on Unsplash

Includes compost; fertilizer; greenhouse construction; lawn care; nurseries and garden centers; permaculture; plants, indoor and out



  • Business core purpose includes a “green” business function.
  • Social and environmental mission and vision statement for your business on website.



  • Encourages the use of native and noninvasive plants, trees, and grasses; and maximizes biodiversity, conservation, and soil health.
  • Enables water conservation, erosion prevention, and stormwater runoff reduction.

  • No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Reduces need for inputs in general.

  • Maximizes use of recycled materials in products and designs.

  • Responsible environmental management/procurement policy or practices for all waste materials and manufacturing processes.


  • Exclusive use or sale of heirloom, organic, and/or native seeds and plants.

  • Support for local community gardens, green rooftops, or similar practices and organizations.

Company Employment


  • Employees have access to family friendly benefits including high-quality health insurance, sick days, paid parental leave and childcare help.
  • Offer a flexible workplace culture that encourages work/life balance and makes reasonable accommodations for telecommuting and flex schedules.
  • Pays a wage that ensures employees well-being.
  • Has an established non-discrimination policy and procedure, and ensures an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Governs fairly and in a transparent manner. Is open to employee input. Has a whistle blower protection policy in place.


  • Living wage is paid.
  • Has an established program that invests in employee growth and development.



  • Use transparent and truthful marketing.
  • Advocate for green business practices in your industry.
  • Established program for receiving input from both internal and external stakeholders.


  • Actively seeks feedback from industry peers and participates in industry associations and mentor programs.

Green Office/Facility


  • HVAC system well-maintained, building well-insulated, and smart and efficient climate control employed.
  • System in place for reducing electricity consumption from lighting and electronics.
  • Use of Energy Star rated appliances and CFL/LED light bulbs in office.
  • Use of 100% post-consumer recycled, Chlorine Free paper in the office and in all envelopes, marketing, and print materials.
  • Systems in place for reducing paper use such as electronic processes, printers set with double sided printing as the default, and more.
  • Use of only non-toxic cleaning and pest control products.
  • Maximum amount of waste is reused or recycled including paper, plastic, metals, glass, electronics, and printer ink cartridges.
  • Action on clean energy such as purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) or use of on-site clean energy.
  • Compost all food waste.
  • Landscaping done with sustainability in mind, especially considering runoff and stormwater management.
  • Only fair trade and USDA certified organic coffee and tea served in the office.
  • Use of green or local caterers for events.
  • Use of a certified E-Steward for electronics recycling.