Landscaping, Gardening & Farming Services

Landscaping, Gardening & Farming Services | Credit: Elaine Casap on Unsplash

Includes compost; fertilizer; greenhouse construction; lawn care; nurseries and garden centers; permaculture; plants, indoor and out

Restored & Protected Environment


  • Encourages the use of native and noninvasive plants, trees, and grasses; and maximizes biodiversity, conservation, and soil health.
  • Enables water conservation, erosion prevention, and stormwater runoff reduction.

  • No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Reduces need for inputs in general.

  • Maximizes use of recycled materials in products and designs.

  • Responsible environmental management/procurement policy or practices for all waste materials and manufacturing processes.


  • Exclusive use or sale of heirloom, organic, and/or native seeds and plants.

Social & Economic Justice


  • Responsible procurement policy or practices regarding fair labor practices.


  • Support for local community gardens, green rooftops, or similar practices and organizations.