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I am Emily, owner of Elusive Photography, a norm-breaker who lives outside of the box, a mom to a five-year-old, a podcast and gym addict, a lover of black coffee and baguettes, a gypsy soul that can’t be tamed, and an adventurous, no holds barred type of creative. What weaves throughout and connects all of these pieces is that I love people, how they express, how they feel, and how they move about through time and space. I have a love for love, and a love for adventure, which is why I work with couples all over the world for marriages and elopements that celebrate true, intimate connection.

Elusive Photography is a values-based, green photography business that puts people over profits, and sustainability over convenience. I practice sustainable living in as many ways as I can, and I am constantly improving! From the food I eat, to the clothes I wear, to the vendors I partner with, to the papers I print on, I want to lead by example so that the arts and wedding industries can better meet the demands of socially aware and eco-conscious couples. 

I have a flair for cinematic and dramatic photography, where composition and deep landscapes add to the drama, and varying levels of texture and movement keep the viewer engaged. My true aim, though, is to find and capture the most intimate moments where fragile emotion exists. I use a documentary style of photography, following the interactions, and capturing the in-between moments, which allows me to create stunning, emotive images. With these two intermingling styles, bold imagery combines with emotional fragility to create truly captivating art.

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