At Gilasi, our mission is to manufacture beautiful, durable engineered solid surfaces containing the highest amount of recycled materials using the most sustainable production practices available.


Sustainable Design with High-Tech Performance

Gilasi Engineered Stone is a durable surface made of aeronautics-grade, VOC-free epoxy and 77 to 85% recycled material. The combination of Gilasi’s ingredients results in a beautiful, non-porous countertop material that enriches any décor. Glass – The recycled glass used in Gilasi is sourced locally, from within 250 miles of our manufacturing facility. Its variety is dazzling: from broken hand-blown lighting fixtures in a myriad of colors to finely crushed container glass to shattered oven-door glass from a manufacturer in Chicago’s historic meat-packing district, “The Back of the Yards.” Each type of glass creates a unique style. Epoxy – Gilasi’s resin is the highest grade available. Our reasons for using it are simple: safety and strength. While many lesser resins are used in the manufacture of other solid surfaces, none of them are VOC-free, either during or after production. Gilasi’s epoxy offers a VOC-free environment for our manufacturing team, the fabricators who tool and install Gilasi surfaces and countertops, as well as our customers. At the same time, the strength, impermeability and durability of this resin are unparalleled.

Colors to Fit Your Style, Performance to Meet Your Needs

Gilasi is created in three distinct styles and numerous colors to fit any décor. Miniature glass fragments create a contemporary, monochromatic look. . Cubed glass fashions a deeper, more complex visual pattern. Art glass is gathered into gorgeous families of colors to provide a stunning centerpiece look. Gilasi’s unparalleled performance makes it the perfect surface for any environment. Its density makes Gilasi ideal for all kitchens, bathrooms, offices and restaurants. Even stubborn spills clean up easily. . Gilasi is unequalled for high-traffic commercial installations where durability is critical. No sealers are ever required for Gilasi.

Sustainable manufacturing leaving nothing to be desired

At Gilasi, caring for the environment is paramount. That is why no corners are cut in manufacturing our product. But significant as environmental concerns are, customer satisfaction is equally essential. Gilasi countertops come with a 10-year limited warranty. Gilasi tools like natural and engineered stone, so fabrication is simple. As an American-made, recycled product, with 77 to 85% recycled content by weight, Gilasi can help LEED-certified projects gain the following credits. MR 4.1 – Recycled content 10% . MR 4.2 – Recycled content 20% . Innovation in Design recycled content 30% or greater. EQ 4.1 – Low emitting materials Using Gilasi also can contribute to additional Regional Priority LEED credits.