A Thread of Hope Guatemalan Fair Trade

Working with over 450 indigenous Maya artisans in co-ops, groups and families for 20 year! A Thread of Hope Guatemalan Fair Trade offers high-quality, beautiful, meaningful, and useful hand-crafted gifts. Lightweight bamboo, bamboo chenille, and cotton scarves, ponchos, shawls and more from Maya women backstrap and foot loom weavers, huipiles, face masks, handbags, wallets, ornaments, beaded jewelry, coconut shell jewelry, home goods (potholders, placemats, runners, aprons, trivets, ceramics, baskets, wood), worry dolls, toys, camera straps, Maya Hip Hop music, and more—something for everyone on your list, including you!

Retail, wholesale. After the pandemic, come visit the artisans with us in Guatemala!

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