Is Amazon Web Services Dirtying Your Business: Take Action!

Submitted by Scott Kitson on December 18, 2019

As you probably know, Green America has mobilized thousands of consumers to urge Amazon to “build a better cloud” by switching to 100% clean energy by 2020. We are now reaching out to our Green Business Network members that use Amazon Web Services to sign a letter initiated by technology professionals with the group ClimateAction.Tech. They are using their expertise to address the climate crisis and are now focused on Amazon, an industry laggard when it comes to using renewable energy.

Our tech allies are asking customers of Amazon Web Services to sign a letter that requests a faster switch to renewables and more transparency in energy sourcing.

If your business is using AWS, your voice is crucial! You can confirm by searching your website URL. If so, please add your name to the letter and tell Amazon to switch to 100% clean energy!

On Sept 19, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a Climate Pledge for Amazon. The pledge contained:

  • 100% renewable energy by 2030 with an interim goal of 80% by 2024
  • Zero emissions by 2040
  • 100,000 electric delivery vans
  • Nature Conservancy offset

He also disclosed Amazon’s carbon footprint for the first time: 44 million metric tons

This is indeed a huge win for employee organizing, since Amazon employees have advocated for action on the company's climate impact, but it’s not ambitious enough to take on the climate crisis. 

 What’s missing?

  • Context: Detailed information on Amazon’s climate footprint, so that we can see the scale and place of emissions, and how existing and newly announced renewable projects might work to reduce associated emissions. 
  • Plans: How will the company transition from a whopping 44 million metric tons carbon today to zero in the next 20 years. Offsets can not be the strategy. 
  • Ambition: Climate scientists say it's the next 10 years that count. Meeting Paris Agreement climate goals, even 10 years early, will be too late. Additionally, Amazon says it will continue to support oil and gas companies with artificial intelligence to extract more.
  • Company Demand: 100% Renewable Energy (which means no fossil fuels, no offsets) by 2030. This commitment should include supply chain emissions and can not rely on offsets.

If your business is using Amazon Web Services, add your name and tell Amazon to switch to 100% clean energy!

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