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BlogNews (July 7, 2021) */ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ /*-->*/ This Plastic Free July, ask your elected officials to support the Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act! Green America is proud to be one of over 400 advocacy groups supporting this ground-breaking legislation,…
plastic pollution
BlogNews (June 23, 2021) From her experience at Xerox and IBM, to her seat on Business for Social Responsibility’s board and role as practitioner advisor for Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communications, Mary Fehlig has built her reputation as corporate…
CSR advisory, CSR consulting, corporate social responsibility, women-owned, empowering women, women-owned businesses, women empowerment
BlogNews (May 5, 2021) Farm work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US, in part due to pesticide exposure, and women’s share of the farming workforce is increasing. According to the USDA, in 2009 women made up 18.6% of farmworkers but in 2018, women accounted for 25…
pesticide, agriculture, workers rights, women
BlogNews (March 3, 2021) Amazon is rapidly expanding its apparel footprint. When the pandemic struck, Amazon was posed to respond well and even gain more market share. Over the last year, Amazon’s profits have skyrocketed. At the same time, traditional apparel brands have…
Amazon, apparel, workers rights, toxic textiles
BlogNews (February 8, 2021) Guest post from Casper Ohm of, an outlet intended to raise awareness of the alarming levels of water pollution in our planet’s oceans.   With 1 million extra tons of trash per week being thrown away by Americans around the…
Valentines Day eco friendly packaging
BlogNews (January 21, 2021) With new national leadership, we welcome the opportunity to make real progress for people and planet.
Biden Administration, Build Back Better, Build Back Greener, COVID-19, executive action, action on the climate crisis, racial justice, income inequality
BlogNews (January 7, 2021) Green America condemns the violent assault on the US Capitol yesterday by rioters. We also condemn the rhetoric of the US President and his enablers in Congress that incited his supporters to engage in an aborted coup.
democracy, white supremacy
BlogNews (December 7, 2020) By Fran Teplitz Big banks globally have long played a destructive role when it comes to climate change – channeling $2.7 trillion, into the fossil fuel industry even after the Paris Climate Agreement. This financing includes support for traditional…
fossil fuel divestment, Break Up With Your Mega-Bank, better banking
BlogNews (November 30, 2020) The numbers are in! Professionally managed assets in the U.S. using socially responsible investing (SRI) strategies continue to grow rapidly.
socially responsible investing
BlogNews (November 19, 2020) Last year, Green America launched a new tradition for Thanksgiving, crowning corporate CEOs as Corporate Turkeys of the year.  Last year’s “awards” went to the CEOs of Amazon, Godiva, Walmart, and Carter’s for their negative impacts on people and…
corporate responsibility, environment, labor
BlogNews (November 9, 2020) Thank you to everyone who voted in last week’s election, and a big thanks to all who worked the polls or helped to get out the vote.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won the election.  This is an historic moment for the country, since Kamala…
climate, racial justice
BlogNews (November 2, 2020) On Friday afternoon, October 30, 2020 the Department of Labor (DOL) pushed through a new rule to undermine the ability of 401(k) and pension plans to include socially and environmentally responsible investments.  The rule is clearly a pre-election…
401k, responsible investing, socially responsible investing, pension, corporate responsibility
BlogNews (November 1, 2020) When you shop small, you support local economies and families.
Black Friday, Christmas, holidays, local, organic, shopping, Small Business Saturday
BlogNews (October 13, 2020) With COVID-19, millions of Americans are voting by mail. But the Trump Administration is removing USPS mailboxes and sorting machines which will make it difficult to process millions of ballots. Take action to ensure all citizens can vote.
voting, democracy
BlogNews (October 13, 2020) This is the fifth blog of a series describing the five methods that make up regenerative agriculture—perennial plants & diverse crops, zero/low tillage & mulching, cover cropping & crop rotation, composting, and managed grazing.…
regenerative agriculture
BlogNews (September 29, 2020) Every year during Climate Week, corporations rush to make new commitments on the actions they say they are taking to address the climate crisis. The statements always sound big and impressive, but only some commitments are meaningful.
climate change, climate action
BlogNews (September 21, 2020) At Green America, all year we say that it’s important to “vote with your dollars” – to use your consumer and investor power to drive economic change that promotes social justice and environmental sustainability. And of course, it's also important…
voting, voter suppression, voter rights
BlogNews (September 14, 2020) This year has been a tough one for teachers and the many students and parents navigating the education system during the pandemic. Josh Mcguire, a program manager at the school gardening nonprofit Big Green, is familiar with this on both a personal…
Climate Victory Garden, gardening
BlogNews (August 28, 2020) With COVID-19 millions of Americans will want to vote by mail. But the Trump Administration is removing USPS mailboxes and sorting machines which will make it difficult to process millions of ballots. Take action to ensure all citizens can vote.
voting, democracy
BlogNews (August 18, 2020) Shopping secondhand is great, and shopping your closet is even better.
sustainable shopping, clothing