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Sustainable building, ecofriendly furniture and decoration, to protect the environment.

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Mattresses and Futons: A - Composition of Mattress

What materials are used in the production of your mattresses? Please be as specific as possible, listing all components. You are welcome to include URLs, but note that we are looking for a fairly straightforward list or diagram here, not a discussion or narrative.

Mattresses and Futons: B - Durability

How long are your mattresses warrantied as comfortable for, given the instructed care? Note that our standard is for 20 years.

Mattresses and Futons: C - Latex use and origin

Please skip this question if you do not use latex in your products.

If you use latex in your manufacturing or sell products with latex, where is it from? E.g., what town and country are the rubber trees growing in?