The ABCs of Food Labeling

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From 100% Organic to Vegetarian-fed, the multitude of food labels and certifications can leave you standing in the grocery aisle scratching your head. Unfortunately, not all labels are created equal, leaving consumers unsure of which to trust. So how do you sort the fact from fiction and get to the bottom of how your food is produced? 

Fortunately, there are several legitimate certifications that have high standards for animal welfare and environmental practices. The ABCs of Food Labeling is a comprehensive list of common food labels and marketing claims, rated based on if the standards honestly reflect claims the label is making and if the label ensures best possible environmental, animal welfare, and human welfare practices.

From now on, when you see a label you aren’t sure about, you can consult this helpful, alphabetical list. Just keep a copy with your reusable grocery bags or access the list from your phone. 

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