Commit to Grow a Climate Victory Garden

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Climate Victory Gardens provide an opportunity to fight climate change on the ground, in the very soil beneath your feet. We can all play a part in our homes and communities. You can start fighting climate change in your home, school, and community gardens today!

Shifting garden practices towards principles of regenerative agriculture can be a meaningful part of reversing climate change and sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the soil. The Climate Victory Garden Commitments are set of practices that allow you to use your garden as a tool to fight climate change. 

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We are calling on YOU to be a part of the climate change solution! Start a Climate Victory Garden today!

Every Climate Victory Garden is going to look different and we encourage this diversity. By committing to the below Climate Victory Garden principles, you are committing to garden in the spirit of climate change mitigation. We understand that not all of these principles can be implemented everywhere by everyone. We encourage you to do your best and commit to incorporating as many principles as possible. We hope that over time you can incorporate all of the principles.