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It was the Christmas season of 2010 when Sylvia Walker tested out homemade skin care products by gifting them to family and friends. What they didn’t know, was that they were her own creation.

“My husband and I decided to send my products out without anyone knowing they came from my own business, so if they asked where to find more, we knew we’d be on to something,” said Sylvia. “Well, they did; over 98% of them liked the products and wanted to buy more, so I knew my products worked.” She was indeed on to something.

As a young girl, Sylvia dealt with eczema. She would often experiment in her mother’s kitchen with different ingredients. “I was desperate to find relief,” says Sylvia, “but I learned to love the process of creating new things.”

Her ongoing experimentation followed her into adulthood, leading to a career in the Health Sciences field as a Registered Nurse and Chronic Care Professional. While employed in hospitals, Sylvia developed more skin conditions, such as dermatitis and an allergy to latex.

After almost fifteen years of working as a registered nurse, and with the positive responses from her Christmas gifts to family and friends, Sylvia decided to pursue her dream of starting a skincare business.

Sylvia’s company NAIWBE, which stands for “Natural As I Wanna Be,” specializes in skincare products that are certified organic, eco-friendly and consistent with healthy life choices. Sylvia has used her 20-plus years of professional healthcare experience as the catalyst for her products, assuring that she maintains the highest standards of quality ingredients and environmentally sustainable production processes.

Sylvia Walker

Sylvia now operates the NAIWBE Spa in Downtown Jacksonville, which is stocked with her own organic products and was listed as one of the top 10 spas in Jacksonville by USA Today. Sylvia is also the skincare expert for River City Live, a local Jacksonville TV show where she provides healthy skin care tips, promotion of healthy lifestyle choices and product recommendations for all skin types.

“If I could give advice to other eco-preneurs,” says Sylvia, a term she uses for green entrepreneurs, “I’d say that you need to take the process one day at a time and have faith that you can make it, because you can. Keep dreaming your dream, and nourish your dream until it becomes your reality.”

NAIWBE is a Green Business Network Member and can be found on our National Green Pages. All her products are made in Florida with organic ingredients. They can be purchased on her website or in-store in Jacksonville.