San Rafael, CA

RocknSocks is the first and only U.S. made sock company to use pre-consumer regenerated cotton blend yarns exclusively in the manufacture of our dynamic eco-friendly sock line. Cotton scraps are taken from other textile manufacturing waste, sorted by color, ground up and spun into yarns allowing us to avoid using dyes in our cotton blend yarns. Winning the award will help RocknSocks recycle damaged, returned and sample socks to create a line of sock “creatures”. Our sock creature line will be a non-profit both giving away creatures and/or profits to children and families in need. 

RocknSocks was started with the intent to bring an ecologically conscious accessories line to music festivals so that we could help treat all those dancing feet. Through our exposure to permaculture principles and design came a desire to be as earth friendly and socially responsible as possible in developing a full feature sock line.

RocknSocks are knit in the U.S.A. using an innovative recycled fiber. Regenerated cotton is spun by a “throwing” company using scraps of new cotton cloth left over from clothing manufacture waste. This process is called “regeneration,” because it creates new yarn from pre-consumer fabric that is otherwise bound for the incinerator.
Cotton T-shirt and sweater scraps are sorted by color, then shredded and re-twisted with a small amount of a “sliver” fiber (acrylic) to give the yarn strength and durability. The result is the rich heather, jewel and earth colored yarns you love on your feet when you’re wearing RocknSocks. 
When you buy our socks, you’re helping diminish the amount of waste going into landfills as well as saving all the water, chemicals, incinerator emissions, electricity, sewage and transportation energy it would take to make the socks from virgin cotton. 
RocknSocks yarns are certified by Oeko-Tex 100 and Made in Green, meaning they are guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals and are manufactured under strict social standards.

From our inception, we chose to make a product that we are proud to call environmentally friendly and American Made. Using regenerated cotton as our textile of choice, we pride ourselves on delivering a product that minimizes the waste of valuable resources. 

Recycling and up-cycling is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a difference in our world. We extend this practice from the ground up. All of our packaging and marketing materials are made with 100% recycled paper stocks and non-toxic vegetable based printing inks. On a day to day basis, our company uses earth-friendly and recycled office products and sustainable energy sources. In addition we choose to work with companies that share this philosophy. Our web hosting company is powered by wind energy. Our printer has over 25 years of green business experience. Even the checks we write are on recycled paper.

RocknSocks continues to retail at music and street festivals in addition to wholesaling to over 250 locations around the country including but not limited to health food stores, food co-ops and natural / recycled clothing boutiques.