Director of Digital Products

Position has been Filled - Thank you for your interest.
Hours: Full Time, (4 days, 32 hours/week) in Washington, D.C. office 
Benefits: Generous benefits - medical, dental, sick days, holidays
Deadline: Rolling

Green America is looking for an experienced web developer and project manager to be the Director of Digital Products.

In 2016, we will be launching a new online experience. The discovery process is complete, requirements for a new website and supporting applications identified, and now we are looking for goal-oriented technical-minded leader to make our vision into a reality. This position will be key in building our new site, driving technical decisions, modernizing how Green America uses technology, and the long-term strategy for our digital platforms—including our web properties, CRMs, CMSs, and digital publications.

We are:

  • A 33-year old not-for-profit organization working for social and environmental justice through economic action.
  • Tackling problems of sustainability from all angles: economics, education, policy, social systems, we work on the whole thing.
  • Consolidating our old websites and building new platforms to manage all our digital properties.
  • A lot of pretty amazing projects that often need to move fast.
  • An organization with a quarterly magazine and several print publications.
  • A national network of green businesses, small and large.
  • ~30 person organization with a ~2[+you]-person digital products/web team.
  • 4-day/32-hour work week (🎉 3-day 🎉 weekends 🎉 Friday 🎉 through 🎉 Sunday 🎉 Every 🎉 Week 🎉)
  • Care about each other and our work. In that order.
  • Really good healthcare benefits (seriously, ask about them).


Big Responsibilities

You will:

  • Lead processes that allow the organization to make digital platform and product investments.
  • Co-lead the implementation of a new website for Green America that meets the organization’s needs.
  • Serve as the in-house developer for ongoing web needs and maintenance, with access to and oversight of external contractors for large new products.
  • Work with staff to maximize SEO and stakeholder engagement.
  • Synthesize needs and requirements from a variety of internal and external stakeholders into a cohesive product roadmap. You're the person who's pulling together input from users, executive leadership, staff with content expertise, and our online communications team, synthesizing it into a thoughtful and coherent vision and strategy for the product.
  • Ensure that as Green America launches new programs, projects, and campaigns we have a sophisticated web presence for them.
  • Engineer our platforms and develop digital products to work together and work for us—that means long-term strategy, new product launch, day-to-day problem solving when things “break,” and maintenance.
  • Budget for Green America’s technology needs and track expenses to budget.
  • Manage the resources and timelines of the product to balance needs with its budget and projected ROI. Looking at a long list of needs, you figure out the most strategic use of staff and vendor resources, and manage the project to hit those needs on budget and on schedule.
  • Ensure that internal stakeholders have the support they need to successfully learn and use the product. You may jump in directly to help users, or you may be putting a process in place to ensure users have the support they need to be successful with the product.
  • Be creative about new ways Green America can use technology.

You are:

  • A project manager who is committed to deeply collaborative workplaces.
  • A strong developer, with some frontend and mostly backend experience, who is thinking about moving into a more strategic product management role. Good HTML/CSS/JS skills, super bonus points if you ❤ Sass. .
  • PHP or Jekyll skills, and who knows what the future will bring…help us decide. Our old systems use coldfusion and MSSQL—you probably won’t touch those often since we are preparing to retire them,
  • An #a11y and mobile-first+progressive enhancement practioner.
  • Able to supervise staff and contractors and keep projects on schedule.
  • Able to clearly communicate complex technical ideas to non-technical staff. (And have the foresight to know when you don’t need to.)
  • Passion for social & environmental justice and making real change in the world.


A few of our recent victories

(Because we want you to be as excited about this work as we are.)

  • Pushing Apple to improve worker conditions in its partner factories.
  • Getting National Geographic to start transitioning to recycled paper in the paper it uses for the magazine.
  • Moving Cheerios, Hershey, Hellmann’s, Similac, and Campbell’s to offer non-GMO products
  • Getting Hershey to remove child labor out of its cocoa supply.


If the above doesn’t describe you perfectly but you think you should be working at Green America, please get in touch anyway and tell us why you want to work with us. We find the most compelling candidates exist outside the resume. We are committed to diversity and building an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. Everyone is encouraged to apply, including women, LGBTQ people, people of color, and people with disabilities.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter describing

  1. Why you are a good fit for this position?
  2. Why Green America is a good fit for you?
  3. What amazing things can happen when our powers combine?

Please send materials to Todd Larsen at No calls please (seriously, everything gets lost in voicemail).


Green America is an equal opportunity employer.

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