Green America: New Verizon Ad Misleads By Suggesting Cell Phone Giant is Embracing 100 Percent Renewable Energy…When It Is Only At 2 Percent Clean Power

Hang up on Fossil Fuels
Hang up on Fossil Fuels
Hawaii-Themed Marketing Spiel Ignores the Fact Telecom Giant Is an Industry Laggard on Renewables; Green America Pushing Verizon to Match T-Mobile’s 100 Percent Clean Energy Goal.

Washington, D.C. – July 9, 2018 -- A major new advertising campaign by the telecommunications giant Verizon brags that the company is helping Hawaii achieve 100 percent renewable power but fails to mention the fact that Verizon is an industry laggard on green power at just 2 percent … and only has meager plans to up its use of clean energy to 4 percent. Green America is calling on Americans to urge Verizon to get to 100 percent clean energy through a social media/call-in day of action today (


The Verizon ad, which appeared prominently in such places as the homepage of the online version of the Washington Post, makes it seem as though Verizon is a leader in renewable energy:  “We don’t wait  for the future. We build it. We’re giving humans the ability to do more in this world, by creating the connections that turn innovative ideas into reality. We call it #humanability.


The misleading ad goes on to state: “Powering Smarter:  Sensors on our network allow Hawaiian Electric Company to collect near-real-time data on their power grid, so they can reach their goal of 100 percent renewable energy.”


Compared to Verizon’s announced plans to “achieve” 4 percent renewable energy, AT&T has contracts in place to purchase 820 MW of wind power (an estimated 30 percent of its total power used) and T-Mobile has committed to achieve 100 percent renewable use by 2021.


Green America Executive Co-Director for Consumer and Corporate Engagement Todd Larsen said: “While it is not uncommon to see advertising claims bend the truth, Verizon has fractured it beyond recognition by implying its leadership in renewable energy.  If this commitment was real, it would start at home. We call on Verizon management, shareholders and customers to demand that Verizon follow the lead of its competitors and get on the path now to a 100% renewable energy.”


In March, Verizon had the worst showing among major telecom companies in Green America’s green energy scorecard, which is available online at


The telecom sector uses enormous amounts of energy each year. The four largest companies AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile – collectively use more than 3 million MWh of electric power each year.


“The availability of wind and solar energy in the U.S. is growing while the cost is shrinking,” said Beth Porter, Climate & Recycling Director at Green America. “T-Mobile said it will save $100 million from the shift to renewables. On top of reducing carbon emissions, moving to renewable energy is a sound business decision.”



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