How We Can Help

Hundreds of magazines are joining the green economy by using more responsible paper. The Better Paper Project is here to help publishers print a magazine that protects forests, climate, and nearby communities. We lend our expertise to create an environmental stewardship policy that illustrates a long-term vision for sustainable publishing, articulating key principles and demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship. Publishers that factor sustainability into their core business strategies are well positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities in the radically changing market environment. Developing a sustainable, strategic paper policy set you up to grow profitably, and the Better Paper Project can assist you every step of the way! We can assist your company in finding the better paper choice that is right for your values and your budget, as well as offering promotions at a Better Paper Leader to the wide range of Green America members and businesses across the country.

“Newsstand promotions orchestrated by the Better Paper Project give Fast Company a rare market-level opportunity to showcase its commitment to using recycled paper. It makes a clear statement that our interest in sustainability goes beyond mere lip service, and that seems to resonate with newsstand buyers.”
- Anne Marie O'Keefe Consumer Marketing Director, Fast Company

“We look forward to the Better Paper Project promotions every year, as it bumps our newsstand sales dramatically… It’s a great vehicle for letting readers know that Natural Homes walking its talk.”
- Robyn Lawrence, former Editor-in-Chief of Natural Home

"The Green America Better Paper Project helps publishers cut through the clutter in order to understand the environmentally beneficial paper options available."
- Bryan Welch, Ogden Publications, CEO, publisher of Utne Reader, Mother Earth News and Mother Earth Living

"The Better Paper Project helped us attain our wish to publish a greener magazine by providing the information needed to fit our magazine and budget… As a magazine publisher, we consider them a valuable resource in helping to protect our forests and planet."
- Sita Stuhlmiller, Editor, Light of Consciousness: Journal of Spiritual Awakening

"Green America’s Better Paper Project director… agreed to guide us through the thicket of rules, paper suppliers, and acronyms we’d need to learn about to go green.”
- James Shaheen, Editor & Publisher of Tricycle

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