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Across America and around the world, many communities lack affordable housing, child care, health care, and jobs that pay a living wage.

By putting your money into community development banks, credit unions, and investments, you'll help people with low incomes lift themselves up economically and make the areas in which we all live more equitable and environmentally sustainable.

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These recent community investing success stories showhow community development financial institutions help create good local jobs and supports energy efficiency, supportorganics and Fair Trade, and promotefood security in "food deserts."

Learn how one Green American broke up with her mega-bank, and directed her banking and investing dollars toward a bank that shares her green values.

You Can Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Too!

Our NEW "Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Tool-kit" gives you tips and resources for moving your money from a corporate mega-bank into community development banks and credit unions. Download the PDF at right, or click through for the following resources:

  1. 10 Steps to Break Up With Your Mega-Bank
  2. Sample "Dear John" Letter
  3. "Break Up" Wallet Card to Share [PDF]