Bennett Compost

Bennet Compost
Philadelphia, PA

Bennett Compost’s goal is to make composting easy and accessible for households and businesses in the Philadelphia area. Currently, Bennett Compost picks up from 2000+ households and businesses every week, keeping over 52 tons of material out of the landfill every month.

The average person throws out over 1600 lbs of "garbage" each year. Bennett's composters throw out half of that. 

Food and landfills don't mix.  Food scraps emit greenhouse gasses when they're sent to the city dump and left to rot.  According to the UN, over 30% of the food we grow winds up in landfills, contributing to over 8% of greenhouse gas emissions each year.  

Bennett Compost keeps these organics out of landfills and recycle them into compost just as nature intended, using traditional methods and aerated static piles.  This approach drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and creates garden-ready compost in 90 days with the help of our microbe and worm friends!