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Bexar Soap has been around a few years, but this small business has exploded onto the scene.

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Jennifer Williams never thought it was possible for her to start her own company. She thought it would be something her friends and family would support, but she did not expect Bexar Soap (pronounced bear) to grow into the thriving business it is today.

The name of the company comes from the place it all started—Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas. It was there that Williams started phasing out harsh chemicals from her home and started making non-toxic alternatives. She states she felt the benefits of non-toxic living right away, as she no longer suffered from headaches, allergies, and skin irritants.

“I started creating products for us to use—everything from laundry, soap, toothpaste, to dishwashing soap, deodorant, the works," says Williams. “My husband actually started encouraging me once we moved to Virginia to make it a business."

Bexar Soap appeared in its first location during 2019. It flew off the shelves, and soon after, she added the products to three other locations in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area. The sudden growth was welcome; however, it was hard to manage alongside Williams’ day job. 

“I was burnt out and I didn’t want to make any more soap,” says Williams. “Before it got to a place where I was ready to just walk away, my husband encouraged me to explore some other options.”

So, Williams began looking for a manufacturer to partner with that could help her meet the demand for her products. She notes that they are also a small business and she is proud to be able to support another small operation.

“I’ve been so grateful to make relationships with companies who can help me get to my bigger goals,” she says. “It’s incredible to have a team to help you get to that point.”

Equipped with a strong team and big ideas, Williams was ready to take Bexar Soap even further in 2020. Unfortunately, the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, and she had to adapt to keep the company afloat. Williams pivoted her focus to the virtual arena, building out a strong presence online and dipping into digital marketing. Fortunately, it has paid off.

“Honestly, this has been our best year yet,” she says about 2020, the company’s third year in operation. “We’ve had so many orders.”

Williams has big plans for Bexar Soap in 2021. She wants to expand into lotions, body oils, and bath soaps, as well as switch the last bit of plastic packaging to reusable glass containers. She hopes to get products in Bexar County, Texas, the namesake of the company. 

“I have never been an entrepreneur before. It’s never been anything I’ve been remotely interested in,” she says. “It’s been incredible to grow, it’s been incredible to see my products actually in a store.”

She credits much of her success to the support she has had along the way.

“For aspiring entrepreneurs, I would definitely say, seek mentors that have entrepreneurial experience,” says Williams. “Set your goals high, no matter how crazy they sound. Have confidence in your product and yourself. And, definitely get a CPA,” she adds, laughing.

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