Big Grove Tavern

Champaign, IL

At Big Grove Tavern we offer the very best in fresh farm-to-table New American Cuisine with a wide selection of hand crafted cocktails, Midwestern craft beers and carefully curated wines. Almost 80 percent of our proteins come from farms within 60 miles.   During the summer, 75-80 percent of our produce comes from local farms as well.  Our seafood selections are minimal and made with concern for sustainability.  Extensive research is done on the safety and sustainability of the fishery we source from and whether or not the life cycle of the fish can support fishing pressures. 

Our events coordinator can help you plan an event on our main dining room floor, in our three private event spaces or in the full restaurant space.  All our menus feature ingredients from local farms, dairies, ranches, and even local breweries and distilleries. We recycle and have programs in place to minimize waste.  We keep no Styrofoam in-house and save food waste for compost for local farms when possible. 

Our goal is to fully utilize all ingredients so there is less waste. Our Give Back Campaign has been running since October 2014 where we donate a portion of our lunch sales to a different local charity every month to not only support them financially but raise awareness of their mission within the greater Champaign-Urbana area. 

Learn more from the Big Grove Tavern Facebook page, Noshfoliopage, and blog.