Clean Power Perks

Boston, MA

Many Americans want to use clean energy, but lack the motivation to make the switch.

CleanPowerPerks is the solution: a program that rewards people + celebrates brandsthat use clean energy.

Our web-based platform guides people to clean energy options and rewards them with perks from national brands that use clean power, too. Our members receive exclusive deals and discounts from brands like prAna, Preserve, Emmy’s Organics, and Timberland. We introduce new perks every month and keep members up to date on clean, green news and tips to help inspire + power their green lifestyle. 

CleanPowerPerks also creates educational information about clean power, like our Shop Clean List: a database of brands and businesses that support renewable energy.

About Us

CleanPowerPerks is a women-owned startup in Boston. We were founded on the belief that people should be rewarded for choosing clean power.

Founder Tess O’Brien started CleanPowerPerks after working for a wind and solar energy company for seven years. She entered the field after studying environmental science, seeing the impact of climate change firsthand with melting glaciers in Iceland, and learning about the wind energy industry in Denmark. Her passion for the environment stems from a childhood spent exploring the Adirondack Mountains with her family.

Tess and the CleanPowerPerks team – Dianne, Conor, Emma, Patrice and Jennica – are motivated to help make it easier and more fun for Americans to support clean energy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow adoption of clean energy in the US by giving back to those who support it.

Our Vision

We envision a day when clean energy is the norm in the US.

Our Values

We believe that people hold the power to change our planet’s future - and that we all play a role in making that happen. We want customers to feel empowered by the choices they make. And we believe that contributions to a better world should be celebrated. We designed the CleanPowerPerks program so that everyone winsCall us eternal optimists. Join us, it’s sunny here!


CleanPowerPerks is committed to the environment and its protection. We have a light footprint, which we match with renewable energy. We’re headquartered at Impact Hub Boston, part of a global network of social enterprises – a community that we help to promote. And we’re pursuing B Corp Certification to earn the stamp of a “good” business!

Thank You for Your Vote!
CleanPowerPerks is honored to be considered for the People & Planet Award.

We aim to serve all clean energy customers in the United States, an ambitious goal! This award would enable us to offer more perks, sign up more clean power customers, and educate more Americans about clean energy. 

Please consider supporting our work by voting for us!

Check us out at or @CleanPowerPerks.