Colorado Yurt Company

Montrose, CO

Forty years ago Dan and Emma Kigar were on a Colorado mountainside, drawknives in hands, peeling lodge poles.  In their shop with the sewing machines, rolls of cotton duck would be made into tipis. Thus, was the beginning of great big DIY project now known as Colorado Yurt Company.

In 1976, Earthworks Tipis (as the company was called) was a traditional mail order company. If there was an order in the mail with a check, there was a tipi to make. Getting a structure from Colorado Yurt has always been part of a creative process to make a studio, dormitory, office, guest room, yoga space or cozy home.

The company's yurts, tipis, and tents are crafted by hand and customized for each use. They’ve been used as everything from luxury resort lodging to a hog shelter.

Yurt, tipi, and tent buyers do the site preparation, infrastructure, deck construction and interior finishes. We ship them out in kit form.  Once it arrives at the door (or riverside, beach, mountainside, or bayou), it’s ready to put together. Everything is included, minimizing the need for extra deliveries and lumber yard trips typical of most construction projects. These dwellings use far fewer natural resources than a traditional stick built structure, and leave a very light footprint on the earth.

The Colorado Yurt Company is environmentally friendly at the shop, too:

  • We use a grid-tie photovoltaic system on our roof, providing 40% of our electricity needs. 
  • Wind generated electricity through our electric co-op provides the remainder of our power needs.
  • We have skylights and windows all over for passive solar and natural lighting.
  • We recycle and reuse everything we can -- from scrap canvas to cardboard packing material
  • We’re an approved member of Green America
  • We’re recognized by Colorado Environmental Leadership Program

We try to be an ethical, innovative employer for the skilled people who work for our company. We pay a living wage, have innovative benefits and pride ourselves on a culture of dignity in work and pride in the product. We are continuing to find new ways to give our employee partners a stake in our success.

We’ve been learning how to get it right for 40 years. Now we’re moving forward, still learning. Our mission is still to help can-do dreamers and innovators create their unique space, while utilizing environmentally friendly practices and materials.