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Raleigh, NC

CompostNow is a weekly doorstep pick-up service allowing households to divert their food scraps and compostable waste to contribute to the creation of nutrient-rich soil for home and community gardens. We've found ourselves at a gap in the urban food system that neglects these valuable resources that can be cleanly and conveniently diverted and utilized in the production of nutritionally complete produce and foods. By bridging this gap and completing this cycle, we reduce waste, improve our health, and deepen our connection to our own food system.

People from all walks and paces of life are discovering just how easy it is to put that banana peel in their CompostNow bin rather than tossing it into the landfill. We take the headache out of reaching zero-waste by making it smart and simple.

There is life beyond our bins at CompostNow. We set off to make every home compostable, and we've found along the way a robust community teeming with creativity and passion. So much so that we've begun curating ways to effectively and efficiently live responsibly via community contributions. Connected by our passion for healthy soil, community members are working to eliminate hunger, confront obesity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reconnect with nature. We can't wait to witness what we build together.

Based in Raleigh, NC, CompostNow and its community have intercepted 50,000lbs. of compostable waste contributing to the creation of 25,000lbs. of compost made available to home and community gardens. This is the handiwork of just a handful of early adopters, imagine how much an entire city can divert! Or an entire state! Even an entire country! Not to mention the abundance of nutritious produce made available to every hungry mouth in our radius.

We want to thank those that have had our backs on all sorts of avenues that make up CompostNow and this movement. You've written blog posts for us, canvassed farmer's markets and neighborhoods, talked to strangers and found friends, driven hundreds of miles and taken too many photos-- all so we can be a happy and healthy people and planet. But you all know just as well as we do that we're not done yet, and we've got miles left to go. With funding from the People & Planet award, CompostNow can paint a portrait of the world that we've all gathered to compose. With this award, we push harder and smarter to break into more cities demanding our service. Together, with your vote and your friends' vote and your family's vote, we can all be zero-waste.