Cromwell Solar

drone photo taken of solar panels
Lawrence, Kansas

Cromwell Solar is a family owned alternate energy design and installation firm based in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas.  Our mission is to increase access to solar for populations in our region that have not had it available before due to problems that are geographical, financial, or legislative in nature.   Our work trains and develops the next generation of green energy craftspeople, improves the environment, and protects the solar industry from utility shenanigans not only in Kansas but, by preventing dangerous precedents, across the entire USA. 

Since our beginnings in 1982, Cromwell Environmental, Inc. (the parent company of Cromwell Solar) has specialized in the relationship between people, our buildings, and our environment. Our goal is to provide safe and healthy indoor environments for our clients and a better outdoor environment for everyone. We believe in giving back to our community and beyond.  Locally we support over a dozen non-profits a year and even support an environmental management and poverty alleviation program in Uganda.

To survive in an area without much of a solar market, Cromwell Solar has developed a culture of solar education and innovation.  If people do not understand solar they will not install it, so we put on talks and workshops across the state.  To reach out to the next generation, we talk to schools and have even created portable solar education devices to get solar into the classrooms.

Our market does not have some of the financial tools that are available in other, more developed solar markets so we created our own allowing people of more modest means to realize the environmental and financial advantages of solar. 

To keep a solar industry alive in Kansas, Cromwell Solar has had to fight for it.  For years we have stood up in the legislature for solar rights, created new solar policies for cities, and fought against neighborhood rules limiting solar.  We have been waging the latest battle for a few years and, if we don’t win, it may result in punitive rates for solar customers.  To fight it we need to show everyone the benefits of solar by conducting a “Value of Solar” study. The risk of not completing the study is that only the utilities’ side of the story will be told, punitive solar rates will be instituted, and a dangerous precedent would be established that could spread to other parts of the country.

If we are selected for the award, we would use the prize money to get a "Value of Solar" study completed in Kansas. Help protect solar rights in Kansas and across the USA.