Salvaged logs sent to Eutree lumberyard from local tree service
Villa Rica, GA

A core belief of the company is that being ecologically minded should not be complicated, difficult, or expensive for anyone. By embracing new ideas, systems and partnerships, true sustainability can become less of a fad and more of an inherent way of life. At the same time, they're fulfilling a market need for sustainably produced hardwood flooring and other products, at an affordable price. And, the local sourcing fulfills a common goal of green-building certification programs like LEED and EarthCraft.

The long term goal for Eutree is to scale, salvaging more urban trees to reduce the demand to harvest timber from forests. This prize will enable Eutree to continue to expand on that goal by installing log collection containers at their local tree service partner locations; thereby increasing the number of logs diverted from landfills and retrieval of Forest Free timber in a more efficient and cost effective manner for local tree services.