Front Yard Coop

Asheville, NC

The Front Yard Coop is the world’s first solar-powered, self-propelled chicken coop.  While chicken coops are a booming business as well as a growing segment of the DIY community, the Front Yard Coop is unique.  We offer  technological innovations, solar power and contemporary design in a comprehensive solution to all the problems we ourselves encountered over the years.  We are your backyard flock enablers, and we can change your life.

It isn’t just about the chickens, or the eggs. You park a chicken coop in your yard, add a few hens, and before you know it things are different.  You realize it’s more fun to go outside now.  There are creatures with personalities eating your grass and your bugs and making you smile.  You might change your attitude towards lawn chemicals for their sake.  Maybe you should plant a few herbs to go with your morning omelette?  Then you might just get a little more exercise because you realize that a compost pile makes sense and so you grab a shovel.  The hands-on science you experience every day makes life much more interesting than the mall.  You think about where your food comes from a little bit more so you visit a farmer’s market instead of a national chain supplying industrial food.  Suddenly you find yourself hanging a few things out to dry in the sun and fresh air and turning off the dryer every now and then.  Grabbing a chair and sitting down to watch the hens chase bugs that might otherwise be chasing you…

Our first chicken summer, fifteen years ago,  was glorious,  but it didn’t take long before the usual problems began.  Over the years, we learned by trial and error what the best solutions were all these problems. To keep predators out we eventually settled on electric fencing.  As we cycled through various food and watering systems, we came up with a solution that is clean and sanitary for the birds, and let’s them eat as much as they need “automatically”. While we spent hours holding our noses while we mucked-out our coop, we marveled at the benefit that same manure had on our  yard and gardens,  and eventually devised a way for the chickens to do the fertilizing. 

The many life changes that raising a few  chickens led to have been innumerable.  We have become fierce proponents of the positive changes we saw in our own lives,  and found ourselves wanting to make it easy for everyone to live this way. We are lucky enough to have been able to create a unique product that allows for positive change in both individual lives and the greater whole.

It might start with a chicken coop, but it doesn’t stop there, ever.