Fruition Seeds

Canandaigua, NY

Organic Abundance Begins with the Seed 
Fruition Seeds grows over 300 varieties of certified organic, non-GMO seeds regionally adapted to thrive in our short Northeast seasons.  We offer garden vegetables, flowers and herbs as well as organic seeds of native plants, each selected for flavor, productivity and disease resistance to make organic gardening easier and more abundant.  

Collaboration is Key 
We collaborate with organic farmers, chefs, university plant breeders and food banks in our region to re-connect the feedback loops of resilient food systems.  

Sowing Seeds for Generations 
All Fruition’s varieties are open-pollinated so you can save them as well as your great grandchildren’s grandchildren.  We celebrate historic heirlooms as well as develop new varieties that our grandchildren will know as beloved heirlooms.

Think Global, Sow Local 
Though our focus is here in the Northeast, we have been invited to bring our model of collaborative seed work abroad.  Seeds & Swales is our permaculture approach to restoring organic, regionally adapted food production and seed saving in the Dominican Republic.  We all have been transformed by this incredible work and look forward to its deep friendships and expansive impact for generations to come

Share the Abundance
Receiving the People & Planet Award will allow us to expand both hands-on and digital education in both the United States and the Dominican Republic.  You’ll find our website and YouTube Channel already with dozens of organic ‘how-to’ videos sharing the wisdom of our decades of organic gardening and seed saving.  Sharing everything we are learning with you is one of our greatest privileges and pleasures. 

We are Grateful
It is an honor to be considered for the People & Planet Award.  Thank you for becoming part of our wide, passionate family of people who know seeds are not as small as they seem.