Garden Tower Project

Bloomington, IN

Garden Tower Project, LLC is a small, dynamic company with big ideas based in Bloomington, Indiana. Committed to socially responsible practices at every level, our mission is no less than to transform gardening, urban agriculture and food sustainability around the globe.  To us, food security is about growing healthy food anywhere under a wide variety of conditions, simply, affordably and collaboratively. In an era of rapidly rising food prices and industrial farming practices that strip our food of nutrients essential for good health, we believe the Garden Tower 2™ is a potent step towards empowering people in their own food security. 

The multi-patented Garden Tower 2™ is a self-contained vertical garden/eco-system which allows you to grow your own food, easily and naturally.  You can grow 50 plants in just 4 square feet! The integrated vermicomposting column allows you to turn kitchen scraps into organic fertilizer.  The finished vermicompost can also be utilized to enrich other areas of your yard, garden or potted plants further reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

The Garden Towers easy-to-access nutrient collection drawer allows for systematic collection of 100-percent of unused water to conserve and recycle lost nutrients back into the tower.  Our advanced engineering allows for effortless one- handed rotation for plant access and sunlight.

The Garden Tower 2 is made from 100-percent recyclable food-grade plastic.  The simple, sturdy design ensures many years of trouble-free use.  Every component of the composting Garden Tower 2 is produced from “Food-Grade” high density polyethylene.  It is free of BPA, plasticizers, phthalates, and impurities that can become bio-available over time and our formulations are designed specifically to avoid compounds on the "red list" of potentially harmful toxins.

We are dedicated to growing our commitment to socially-responsible practices and are in the process of testing Bio-Plastic Resins. The Bio-Resin we will are testing is made from 93% sugar cane and is 100% Non-GMO.  The major advantage is the reduced environmental impact.  The bio-resin is carbon negative -- that is to say that it pulls more carbon out of the atmosphere (in its creation) than is released by all processes involved in the production.  

Long-term, we feel society needs to "grow" all of our plastics and we're working with leaders in this industry to support the transition.  In the event we were to win this award, it will be used to further our ability to switch over to entirely bio-resin based manufacturing.