Green City Growers

vincent votta (unsplash)
Somerville, MA

Green City Growers (GCG) transforms unused space into thriving urban farms, providing clients with immediate access to nutritious food, while revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency.

GCG produces and installs raised-beds, cold frames, and rooftop farms in addition to providing farm maintenance, educational programming, and consulting services for all interested in growing fruits and vegetables.  GCG’s clients include urban and suburban homeowners, corporate wellness programs, schools, healthcare facilities, and restaurant/food service providers.

GCG’s services address the increasing demand for fresh, nutritious food.  Quality organic produce is expensive and difficult for the average family to procure. By bringing the farm to the consumer, GCG increases access to produce, fostering a stronger connection between people and the food they eat.  By focusing on hyper-local food production, GCG also decreases the amount of energy typically exerted shipping food across the country.

Green City Growers began in 2008 when founder Jessie Banhazl was inspired by ambitious, West coast farmers who had started successful businesses, maintaining vegetable gardens for homeowners in residential areas. Since then, GCG has installed over 400 raised-beds and worked with hundreds of home owners, businesses, schools, and restaurants in Eastern MA. The company partners with Recover Green Roofs, a Somerville-based green roofing business to install GCG vegetable farms on rooftops, and is slated to maintain the largest rooftop farm in New England for a national supermarket chain in the summer of 2013.

GCG is currently the only urban farming business of its kind with a successful track record and experience in adapting to issues unique to urban and suburban areas. They are a dedicated, passionate, group of individuals who are excited to have the opportunity to help make growing food a real possibility for businesses and individuals, anywhere the sun shines.

GCG’s current client list includes partnerships and large organic farms at Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare to promote wellness at the workplace (all the food grown on site is donated to community food banks), The City of Somerville, Whole Foods, The Boys and Girls Club, and many other area businesses and organizations.

GCG envisions a world where lawns, rooftops, and vacant lots become common and productive places to grow food, and people from all walks of life have access to a network of sustainable farms, fueling personal and environmental health.

If GCG were to receive this prize, they would use the $5,000 to invest in more energy efficient vehicles for our farmers. It is a dream of theirs, to reduce their carbon footprint while reducing the cost of fuel.

Green City Growers has been featured on Chronicle, in the New York TimesBoston Globe, WBUR, and USA Today.