Green Kid Crafts

Anchorage, AK

Green Kid Crafts is a mom-owned, green company providing convenient, sustainable, and engaging activities that help families enjoy their quality time together while cultivating a child’s love and respect for the environment.   Our subscription program delivers fun, creative, and nature-based craft activity kits designed to inspire children to learn more about their natural surroundings, encourage screen-free time, and foster future environmental leaders.

Green Kid Crafts was created in 2010 by a working mom who wanted to make the most out of the limited time she had to spend with her children. Like many other parents, founder Penny Bauder wanted to spend that time connecting with her kids, not scrambling for ideas and shopping for safe and earth friendly supplies. As an environmental activist, she knew the importance of making these safer materials more accessible and was passionate about building a company that could serve as a model for environmental sustainability and corporate citizenship.

This commitment to being a socially responsible, green company is at the heart of Green Kid Crafts and a part of every aspect of our work. We operate as a natural, sustainable, and responsible business and work with our community to invoke positive change.

  • Certified carbon neutral; we offset 100% of the carbon dioxide generated by our business to help fund the development of renewable energy projects across the United States.
  • Green Kid Crafts is Green America Approved
  • Our products are painstakingly sourced to align with our earth-friendly criteria; we use minimal and earth friendly packaging and natural, sustainable materials that are recyclable and/or biodegradable.
  • As a 1% for the Planet member we have committed to donate a minimum of 1% of our revenue to environmental non-profits
  • Green Kid Crafts partners with our local Boys and Girls Club to bring fun, art and learning to kids in an impoverished local community by hosting free, monthly art classes and donating excess craft materials.
  • We also donate our time and skills to empower women through mentorship by working with Hope Community Resources and participating in the Alaska Women’s Environmental Network Mentorship Program.
  • We partner with Hope Community Resources to employ an amazing team of disabled people to pack and ship our Discovery Boxes.
  • Our Discovery Boxes are designed to engage children with nature and develop a love for the environment, helping to develop future environmental leaders and advocates.

Our desire to benefit people and the planet is at the very core of our business, from our mission to the way that it is translated into action. We hope you will learn more about us at