GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting

Woman holding carrots
Chicago, IL


 The purpose of GrowAsis Urban Garden Consulting, Inc. is to encourage earth stewardship and empowerment by providing consulting services of urban gardening practices, garden maintenance and continuous active environmental living to those who desire to have a vegetable oasis.  It is a multifaceted entity involved in empowering people to grow their own food by sharing knowledge on the nature of sustainability.  GrowAsis works to reconnect south side Chicago residents who are removed from food cultivation principles due to gentrification and over development of land. 

It acknowledges the significance of practicing indigenous cultivation with use of non-GMO seeds, organic compost, low cost methods and co-stewarding with nature to grow food.   Encouraging earth stewardship through urban garden methods is the principle of this business with a policy of promoting food justice.


 "BE EMPOWERED, GROW AND SECURE YOUR OWN FOOD" is the motto of GrowAsis and its owner/lead consultant Jacqueline A. Smith. Urban gardening consulting services are provided at a fee based on the desires of our clients.  It serves those that want to secure and grow their own food sustainably as well as know the sustainable methods of food cultivation.  GrowAsis serves Chicago’s south side communities through specialized garden consulting service (planting times, organic pest management, seed selection, vermiculture composting) urban garden education workshops for youth and adults (seed selection, companion planting, container gardening and garden maintenance) and on-site consultations.

In addition, Pickle Me This is the product line of produce grown in the GrowAsis garden that is cultivated through sustainable garden practices, pickled with natural ingredients and available in quart and pint size which include green tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, okra and red onion. Humble Herbs is another product line of medicinal garden herbs harvested fresh, dried using sustainable methods and packaged by hand as tea bags.  All vegetables and teas are 100% non-GMO and 100% locally grown on Chicago's south side.  A portion of GrowAsis' profits supports local urban growers and sustainable entreprenuers so they too can BE EMPOWERED,  TO GROW AND SECURE THEIR OWN FOOD.