The Honest Kitchen

San Diego, CA

Reducing our environmental paw print is important to us. We’re committed to making the planet a little more pet-friendly—and human-friendly. We’re committed to continuously replacing conventional ingredients with certified organic alternatives wherever possible, as well as sourcing wild-crafted and organic herbs for our supplements.

In 2009, we moved to to 100-percent free-range, antibiotic-free and sustainably raised chicken. Our turkey is cage-free and we use only wild-caught, MSC-certified fish. We use only non-GMO produce and organic seeds and grains. We also have many products that have been Non-GMO Project Verified!

One-hundred-percent of our manufacturing (for products and POS sales materials) takes place in North America to reduce transportation and carbon emissions. We’re committed to eliminating virgin materials wherever possible and reducing waste by using only re-usable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. Our finished products are compact, concentrated and lightweight to ship, meaning more of every production dollar is put into ingredients and less into transportation, because we’re not shipping excess bulk or water weight. Dehydration uses lower temperatures and less energy than other food processing methods such as canning and extrusion.

We use recyclable ‘minimalist’ and unprinted barrier bags that efficiently protect the food inside and have convenient zippers. Our boxes are made from a combination of recycled material and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified paper, printed with vegetable inks. They’re 100-percent biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable after use. We also choose BPA-free packaging (BPA is a compound found in lots of packaging including most cans, which is a hormone disruptor that’s been linked with hyperthyroidism in cats).

The Honest Kitchen is an approved member of Green America, (formerly Co-op America). We are one of only four pet food companies that received the ‘four-leaf’ rating from Greenopia. We use energy-efficient computer equipment and monitors and have installed long-life, CFL light bulbs and our production plant and warehouse use motion-sensor lighting. We even have company bikes that we use to get around town and pick up our lunches!