Fairfield, CT

MowGreen cuts grass without gas. Gasoline-based lawn care makes up 5 percent of US air pollution (according to the EPA), and mowing the average lawn with gas emits 5 metric tons of carbon and other air pollution per year (not to mention the noise and spillage). This is the emissions equivalent of an extra car driven for 12,000 miles!

MowGreen uses electric gear charged by solar or utility-elected 100-percent renewable clean energy (or sometimes manual gear: click for video). For what little gas we burn in our Priuses and minivans, we buy carbon credits to offset it. Given that each customer effectively takes a car off the road from an emissions perspective, you might say we are carbon negative! Over 350 metric tons of air pollution are avoided each year - over 2,000 acres have been mowed without gas, avoiding 5 MILLION auto-mile equivalent emissions since 2007.

MowGreen is a carbon-neutral company, focused on sustainable lawncare services and technologies; Clean & Serene, No GasolineSM. We encourage our zero-emission lawn care and organic gardening customers to also consider home energy assessments, solar systems, and other eco-friendly clean energy/pollution reducing practices like composting. In early years we used only push mowers and invented a kit call the Reel2Reel™, to push two or three mowers, made in the US and still sold today (click to see).

Later, we created a solar-powered hydrogen electrolyzer and converted combustion mowers to burn hydrogen, but switched to electric systems after burning through about 140,000 PSI of Hydrogen and two frankenstein mowers. All our gear is now battery powered, charged carbon neutrally, and zero-emission. Founder Dan Delventhal was voted the TownVibe Green Individual Award Winner  in CT and NY, MowGreen’s service area, in 2016. MowGreen was also recognized in 2017 with the TownVibe Green Company: Honorable Mention. The company has grown 25 to 50 percent each year for 10 years.

If MowGreen wins the $5,000 it will help us acquire a mobile solar charging system so we can reduce carbon emissions in lawn care even more efficiently for the 2018 season! 

Values: Reduction, Ecology, Ethics, Life sustaining, & Respect, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Lasting value (REEL). 
Mission: Get the Gas off the Grass, then, More Food Growing, Less Lawn Mowing. 
Vision: National Network of locally managed and centrally supported eco-friendly gardening & lawncare.