Nature's Magic

Nature's Magic product line
Athens, OH

Nature’s Magic is a woman-owned small business. They develop plant-based, non-toxic cleaning products as a holistic alternative to conventional cleaners. Founder, Danielle Young wanted to provide a truly green cleaning service, but quickly realized a gap in the natural cleaner market, so she set out to make her own.

After extensive research and product testing, Young chose mostly organic ingredients found in nature such as pure organic essential oils. “Pure essential oils not only contain health, wellness, and aromatherapy benefits, they are also powerful cleaning agents,” states Young. The combination of ingredients chosen ensures the products are safe for all people including those living with compromised immunity, children, pets, and the earth.

Young tested her full line of products while cleaning a variety of surfaces, and made changes to them accordingly so they not only worked great, they also left behind amazing aromas. After receiving rave reviews, Young decided to focus on product development and founded Nature’s Magic in 2013. As an environmentally and socially conscious community, Athens has proved to be ideal in launching Nature’s Magic products. The community support encouraged Young to expand sales outside of people’s homes and into local businesses, schools, and on to retail shelves.

Nature’s Magic is also committed to limiting their impact on natural systems in their manufacturing. They mix their chemical-free cleaners out of their office at the Ohio University Innovation Center in Athens, Ohio.