Neptune's Harvest

Gloucester, MA

Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer's parent company, Ocean Crest Seafood’s Inc., in Gloucester, MA, inadvertently ended up in the organic fertilizer business. A wholesale seafood company established in 1965, Ocean Crest had a need to dispose of the fish remains created after processing, called gurry. Gurry makes up 60 to 70% of the fish after it is filleted. Ocean Crest got together with researchers from the University of Massachusetts' marine science research center and developed the process of turning the gurry into fertilizer, which allows the company to use 100% of the fish.

The Fish Fertilizer is beneficial to the environment in more than one way. First of all, it is organic. “To make our products, we use what nature has given us from the mineral-rich North Atlantic Ocean, which is nature’s perfect source for the nutrients plants and soil need, to stay healthy,” says Sales Director Ann Molloy. Secondly, the company uses every part of the seafood, so there is no waste that is being dumped back into the ocean or sent to landfills; instead, the “waste” is used to help grow stronger, healthier plants.

“The whole world use to be under ocean water. They found Fish fossils on the top of Mount Everest. Ever since then it’s been demineralizing. By adding products from the ocean back to the soil, it replenishes it, and brings it back to life,” says Ann.

Fish Fertilizer not only helps create healthy plants and soil, but use of the product eliminates, or greatly reduces, the need to use pesticides or any other chemicals, which reduces the negative impact on the environment, says Ann, adding that the Fish also builds up the organic matter in the soil, which sequesters carbon and helps the soil retain moisture, so growers don't need to use as much water.

Neptune’s Harvest was recently presented with the 2015 Sustainable Industry Award from the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. A final fun fact about Neptune's Harvest is that it is a family-run businesses. Out of 45 employees, 16 are family. For more information on Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizer, go to