Neuaura Shoes

Neuaura shoes
New York, NY

Neuaura is a vegan footwear company where we provide animal-free shoes in the latest styles.  We tirelessly search for suppliers and manufacturers who provide us with high quality non-animal materials, yet also practice sustainable manufacturing.  When wearing our shoes, our customers look beautiful, feel comfortable and the added bonus is that no animal was sacrificed for any of it.

We stay in the forefront of the latest technology in footwear (including green technology) and incorporate it into our shoes wherever we can.  Our goal is to make shoes that are appealing for anyone who loves shoes and have them realize you don’t need leather, fur or any other animal-derived materials to make beautiful, comfortable footwear.

We have combined our love for animals, nature and shoes and are able to give this choice to consumers so they never have to wear animal materials again.  If we are awarded the winning prize, we would incorporate more winter-friendly and waterproof boots and shoes as that is what the consumer needs and is lacking in the marketplace.