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Organiz-ER helps clients organize their business, home, or life. Services can last from one week to ten years, from someone moving into a two-bedroom apartment to a person with 40 years’ worth of items in a house. Downsizing, moving, and increasing the feeling of organization are just examples of some of the services that Organiz-ER provides.   

Susan Walko founded Organiz-ER in 2004 after she quit her full-time job to start the business. However, her love for the work started beforehand. She received a master’s in Student Counseling and Personnel Administration, a degree that involved working with college students on time management and other life skills. This helped develop a love for helping others find a more balanced and peaceful existence.  

She also is familiar with the stresses that life can bring—stresses that may cause a need for organization. At one point she was raising four children, working a full-time job, and growing her own business simultaneously. “I get my most joy from helping people and working with them personally, and I never lost sight of that”.  

After watching one client throw out beautiful items in the organization process 15 years ago, Walko made sustainability part of Organiz-ER's core mission. “Here we are 15 years later, and I’m still worried about that because it got thrown in a landfill instead of me bringing it to somebody that could use it”.  

Now, Walko recycles and reuses as much trash as she can. One partner helps gift excess books, and Walko makes art out of plastic in her personal life to reduce waste.  

“Being green certified means a lot because it really reinforces how I am as a person and how my business is overall.”  

Walko and Organiz-ER are also selective about how items are reused. “I’d rather bring them straight to the place that’s going to use them,” Walko noted. This often involves extra time and effort to personalize the process. If someone is religious and Christian, Walko tries to send the waste to someone at a church. If someone cares about issues such as Alzheimer’s, she tries to send the waste somewhere related to that issue. “I often go above and beyond to take it to a place that is meaningful to the person.” 

Walko recently published a book titled The SIMPLE Method for an Organized Life on her methodology on organization and Organiz-ER. However, her main advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is simple. “Stay true to what your mission is,” Walko noted. “I have always been about helping people in their life.”  


Organiz-ER is a certified Green Business Network member at Green America. Learn more about their business by visiting their website