Planted Table

Planted Table
Oakland, California

Planted Table is the first zero waste meal delivery service the San Francisco Bay Area. Not only do they deliver meals in reusable glass containers, but they also work out deals with farmers and food suppliers to not deliver anything that comes in single-use plastic and to take back the boxes they deliver the food in so they can reuse them. They volunteer teaching zero waste practices to local school children and any unused food gets donated to local homeless shelters. All food is vegan.

Launched in early 2018, Planted Table is spearheaded by two sisters who wanted to make a heart-healthy, organic plant-based diet more accessible to everyone. The meal delivery service offers meals packaged in glass containers. Instead of encouraging consumers to recycle or reuse the glass, the company picks up the empty containers at the end of each week, washes them, and reuses them for the following week. Meal delivery services and food kits often involve loads of plastic containers and trash. Planted Table avoids wastefulness entirely by using glass containers. 

The company is mission driven over revenue driven, which is why using plastic containers and creating more household waste was never an option for the founders, even though it would be the more profitable option. It’s not about how to grow and scale at all costs; it’s about how to best serve customers in a way that causes the least amount of harm. Harm to people’s health, the environment and to animals. That’s why the vegan company uses glass containers for the thousands of meals they serve Bay Area residents each week. By doing this, they have saved over 100,000 plastic containers from filling landfills and customers say Planted Table helps to greatly reduce their household waste. Along with using glass containers, the vegan company works with local farms for their organic produce. 

Working with glass is not always easy. It’s expensive, heavy and fragile.  It has to be collected from customers, sanitized and stored properly.  But, knowing that they are doing our part to feed families in a way that doesn’t harm the environment makes it all worth it.